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77 different matching expressions found:

esik to come down
to fall, fell, fallen
to pitch
to plummet
to rain
to sag
késik to be behind time
to be overdue
to hold off
elesik have a fall
to drop
to fall, fell, fallen
to tumble down
leesik to come mucker
to come off
to drop off
to fall down
to fall off
to fall, fell, fallen
to go a mucker
to plummet
to slump
to tumble
átesik to come through
kiesik to drop out
to fall out
to spill
to spill, spilt
to tumble out
esik to fall on
to fall over
elkésik to be behind time
to be late
aláesik to cascade
megesik to hap
to happen
to occur
to transpire
nekiesik to assail
to come at
to fall on
to fall to
to go at it baldheaded
szétesik to break up
to disintegrate
to fall apart
lesiklik to coast
to slide down
to slip down
besiklik to crawl in
összesik to curl up
egybeesik to concur
to overlap
összeesik to drop
közbeesik to intervene
esik a hó to snow
előreesik to topple
műlesiklás slalom
visszaesik to backslide, backslid
to ebb
to fall back
to recidivate
to relapse
to retrograde
tőrbe esik to be ambushed
hasra esik to fall on one's face
késik (óra) to be losing
to lose, lost
pofára esik to come mucker
to go a mucker
lágyan esik to drape
talpra esik to light on one's feet
önt keresik you are wanted
foglyul esik to be taken prisoner
teherbe esik to conceive
kétségbeesik to despair
hanyatt esik to fall back

Searching the extension dictionary:

23 different matching expressions found:

esik fall
késik be losing
be overdue
minutes slow
esik. rain / it's -ing.
kiesik drop out
fall out
tumble out
elesik tumble down
elkésik be late
lesiklás coasting
downhill slide
szétesik disintegrate
go to pieces
(le)esik tumble
(el)késik be behind time
egybeesik concur
esö; esik rain
talpra esik fall on one's feet
land on one's feet
light on one's feet
nagyon esik hard / it's raining -
ágynak esik take to one's bed

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