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53 different matching expressions found:

emel to add
to advance
to enhance
to erect
to heave
to heave, hove
to hold up
to jack up
to lift
to pry
to put on
to raise
to rear
to send up
to set up
to step up
to up
szót emel to lift up one's voice
vádat emel to arraign
to prosecute
köbre emel to cube
gátat emel to dam
trónt emel to enthrone
óvást emel to except against
to object
to object to sg
to remonstrate
trónra emel to enthrone
magasra emel to heighten
to raise
daruval emel to hoist with a crane
panaszt emel to lodge a complaint
kifogást emel to except against
to raise objection
emelővel emel to jack
to lever
to lever up
négyzetre emel to bring to a square
to square
emel (kártyát) to cut, cut
emel (kalapot) to doff
ív alakban emel to hog
kezet emel vkire to lift one's hand against sy
magas rangra emel to exalt
törvényerőre emel to sanction
nemesi rangra emel to ennoble
vmilyen rangra emel to create
vádat emel vki ellen to bring a charge against sy
to make out a case against sy
vétót emel vmi ellen to put a veto on sg
piedesztálra emel vkit to put sy on a pedestal
to set sy to a pedestal
magasabb színvonalra emel to level up

Searching the extension dictionary:

21 different matching expressions found:

emel doff
szót emel lift up one's voice
take the stand
vádat emel bring an accusation against
make out a case against
óvást emel challenging
lift; emel lift
vádat emel ellene bring a charge against
vádat emel, vádol charge 3.
kezet emel ellene lift one's hand against
raise one's hand against
(fel)emel, megemel raise
kalapot emel előtte raise one's hat to
vádat emel vki ellen bring charges against sb
charge / bring -s against sb
növekedés; bővít, emel increase
(meg)vádol, vádat emel indict
második hatványra emel raise to the second power
felemel,kiemel, a levegobe emel airlift

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