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71 different matching expressions found:

vet to cast, cast
to dart
to fling, flung
to let fly
to project
to put, put
to send, sent
to shed
to shed, shed
to shy
to sling, slung
to sow, sowed, sown
to throw, threw, thrown
to toss
vét to default
to fault
véget vet to abate
to end
to finish
to wind up
ágyat vet to bed
to shake down
szánt-vet to ear
gátat vet to forestall
fényt vet to throw out light
partra vet to beach
to wash up
bombát vet to bomb
nem vet le to keep on
ráncot vet to pucker
meghány-vet to canvass
papírra vet to get sg down
szemére vet to object sg to sy
adót vet ki to rate
vállára vet to sling, slung
szikrát vet to sputter
gáncsot vet to trip
to trip up
horgonyt vet to anchor
to bring up
keresztet vet to cross oneself
to make the sign of the cross
bukfencet vet to somersault
to somerset
to turn a complete somersault
to turn a somersault
pillantást vet to glance
fényt vet vmire to shed light on sg
papírra vet vmit to jot sg down
véget vet vminek to knock on the head
to make an end of sg
to put an end to sg
ügyet sem vet to pass unmarked
pillantást vet vmire to give sg a look
pillantást vet vkire to throw a glance at sy
ki mint vet, úgy arat reap as we sow
we reap as we sow
rossz fényt vet vkire to reflect on
szemére vet vkinek vmit to reproach sy for sg
to tax sy with sg
egy pillantást vet vmire have a peep at sg
to take a peep at sg
túl alacsony adót vet ki to underrate
futó pillantást vet vmire to cast one's eye over sg
to give sg the once-over
to run one's eye over sg
sötét pillantást vet vkire to give sy a black look
szerelmes pillantásokat vet to make eyes at sy
gyilkos pillantást vet vkire to look daggers at sy
gonosz pillantásokat vet vkire to eye sy evilly
fenyegető pillantást vet vkire to give sy a black look

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25 different matching expressions found:

véget vet make an end
put a stop to
bombát vet release a bomb
papírra vet commit to paper
put down on paper
szemére vet reproach for
reproach with
árnyékot vet cast a shadow
horgonyt vet cast the anchor
börtönbe vet put in prison
keresztet vet cross oneself
bukfencet vet turn a somersault
véget vet neki put an end to
problémát vet fel set a problem
pillantást vet shoot a glance at
futó pillantást vet cast one's eyes over
pillantást vet vmire glance at
have a look at sth 2.
look / have a - at sth 2.
fenyegető pillantást vet give a black look
ki szelet vet vihart arat sow the wind and reap the whirlwind
önkezével vet véget életének die by one's own hand
szerelmes pillantásokat vet make sheep's eyes at
megsemmisit, elnyom, véget vet quash
szerelmes/csábos pillantásokat vet/szemezik vele make eyes at

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