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79 different matching expressions found:

becsap have sy on
to bang
to bluff
to bubble
to chisel
to cod
to con
to deceive
to delude
to diddle
to do, did, done
to dupe
to fool
to fox
to get at
to gouge
to gull
to hoax
to hocus
to hocus-pocus
to hoodwink
to humbug
to jockey
to keep tricking sy
to let down
to let in
to let into
to let sy down
to mislead, misled
to mock
to mock at sg
to nick
to nick sy for sg
to put off
to put on
to put upon
to rook
to sell, sold
to sharp
to spoof
to spring, sprang, sprung
to stick, stuck
to stiff
to string, strung
to suck sy in
to swindle
to take in
to trick
to victimize
becsapás bluff
hocus pocus
becsapott deluded
becsapódás hit
becsapolás joint
becsapódik to bang
to fall to
becsap vkit to get a rise out of sy
to play hanky-panky with sy
to play sy false
to sell sy a pup
to take a rise out of sy
to take sy for a ride
becsap (ajtót) to slam
önmagát becsapó self-deluding
mérésnél becsap to give short weight
anyagilag becsap to trim
téged becsaptak! you've been had!
könnyen becsapható gullible
nem fogsz becsapni i am a wake-up to you
becsap vmit a zaciba to put sg up the spout

Searching the extension dictionary:

21 different matching expressions found:

becsap be taken in
go behind
take advantage of
take advantage of sy
taken / be - in
becsapódik slam to
becsap(ód)ás slam
átvág; becsap clip
trükkel becsap pull a fast one
becsap, rászed to guile
becsapja/rászedi play the fool with
becsap/átejt/átráz/rászed do brown
becsap, rászed, félrevezet deceive
kitol vele/átejti/becsapja do in the eye
bekapja a horgot/lépre megy/becsapják/bedől neki/bepalizzák/átejtik be taken in

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