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36 different matching expressions found:

egyezik to accord
to agree
to hitch
to tally
kiegyezik to come to terms
to compound
to compromise
to make terms
megegyezik to accord
to agree
to arrange
to compound
to covenant
to equal
to square
to tally
to unite
beleegyezik to accede
to acquiesce
to approve of
to come to
to concede
to consent
to consent to
to give one's ok
to ok
nem egyezik to disagree
egyezik vmivel to check up with sg
to range with sg
megegyezik vkivel to come to an understanding
to fall in with sy
megegyezik vmivel to correspond with sg
vmivel megegyezik to parallel
beleegyezik vmibe to yield consent to sg
a felében kiegyezik to split the difference
ez megegyezik a terveimmel that will suit my book

Searching the extension dictionary:

17 different matching expressions found:

egyezik correspond
kiegyezik make terms
megegyezik accede
range with
beleegyezik agree to sth
to opt in, opted in, opted in
megegyezik vmivel fall in with
(meg)egyezik vmivel it is in agreement with sg
megegyezik valakivel do deal with
megegyezik terveimmel it suits my book
nem egyezik/nem egybevágó it does not check up with
ha a többi feltétel megegyezik all other things being equal
megfelel, (meg)egyezik (vmivel) correspond (with sth)
állítása nem egyezik a tényekkel his statement does not tally with the facts
felfogásuk megegyezik/egy véleményen vannak see eye to eye with

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