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35 different matching expressions found:

lassan at a slow pace
lassanként bit by bit
lassan hajt to go slow
lassan megy to pace
lassan evez to paddle
to row at the paddle
csak lassan! soft!
lassan halad to crawl
to inch
to inch along
to pace
lassan mászik to inch
to inch along
lassan kifogy to peter out
lassan kimerül to peter out
lassan felforr to simmer
lassan elmúlik to wear on
lassan lépegetve at a saunter
lassan ölő méreg slow poison
lassan a testtel! draw it mild!
pipe down!
take it easy!
lassan sétafikálva at a saunter
nagyon lassan megy to go at a crawl
lassan csinál vmit to take one's time over sg
nagyon lassan halad to go at a crawl
lassan csinál meg vmit to be long in doing sg
lassan járj tovább érsz more haste less speed
lassan élesztgeti a tüzet to coax the fire
to coax up the fire

Searching the extension dictionary:

8 different matching expressions found:

lassan égő slow-burning
lassan hajts drive slowly
lassan lecsengő long range dependence
lassan eltávozik edgee out
lassan a testtel not so fast!
lassan a testtel! draw up it mild!
lassan kifogy/kimerül peter out
(lassan) elszállingóznak drop off on by one

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