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84 different matching expressions found:

hajt to actuate
to book
to drift
to drive, drove, driven
to fold
to impel
to propel
to push
to push on
to rattle
to ride, rode, ridden
to send, sent
to spank
hajtó actuating
óhajt to desire
to like
to want
to will
hajtás burgeon
hajtó- propellant
kihajt to burgeon
to come up
to put out
to sprout
to stool
to strip
behajt to call in
to collect
to double down
to exact
to fold
to fold back
to get in
to levy
to tuck
to tuck in
to turn in
elhajt to drive away
to drive off
áthajt to drive through
to pull over
hajt to fetch a sigh
to groan
to heave a sigh
to moan
to sigh
to sough
hajtat to forward
hajt to pull one's finger out
lehajt to turn down
hajtómű drive
hajtóka lapel
hajtófa shooting-stick
meghajt to actuate
to bow
to relax the bowels
felhajt to beat up
to cock
to flush
to hem
to kite
to mop up
to round up
to take off
to tuck up
to turn up
felhajtó booster
hashajtó cathartic
hajtóerő drift
hajtatás forwarding

Searching the extension dictionary:

16 different matching expressions found:

hajt to hurl
hajtű bodkin
hajtó propellant
elhajt drive away
hajt fetch a sigh
heave a sigh
óhajtó optative
felhajt drink down
raise the wind
turn up
meghajt drive
hajtott driven
hajtómű driving-gear
hajtóka revers

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