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33 different matching expressions found:

felizgat to agitate
to alarm
to chafe
to excite
to faze
to ferment
to flurry
to fluster
to flutter
to key up
to lash
to put out
to rattle
to ruffle
to stir up
to string, strung
to tear, tore, torn
to tickle up
to unsettle
to upset
to wind up
to work up
felizgató stirrer
felizgatás fermentation
felizgatható impulsive
felizgat vkit to rough sy up the wrong way
felizgatja magát to get one's face in a knot
to take on
to tie one's face in a knot
nemileg felizgat to turn sy on
túlságosan felizgat to over-excite
felizgat vkit vki ellen to set sy against sy

Searching the extension dictionary:

5 different matching expressions found:

felizgat arouse
felizgatja magát get worked up
felizgat/felidegesít rough up
csiklandozva felizgat tickle up
nemileg felizgat (férfi nőt, kézzel) feel up someone

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