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Ugrás a tartalomhoz

37 different matching expressions found:

emelkedik to advance
to ascend
to be on the upgrade
to climb
to go up
to heave
to heave, hove
to heighten
to lift
to rise, rose, risen
to tower
kiemelkedik to bulk
to emerge
to exceed
to excel
to lift
to loom
to rise, rose, risen
to swell, swelled, swollen
felemelkedik to ascend
to emerge
to lift
to lift off
to mount
to rise, rose, risen
to up
emelkedik (ár) to run high
gyorsan emelkedik to rocket
vmi fölé emelkedik to tower above sg
felszínre emelkedik to surface
meredeken emelkedik to zoom
spirálisan emelkedik to spiral
vmi felett emelkedik to surmount
magas rangra emelkedik to rise to eminence
csigavonalban emelkedik to spiral
hullám tetejére emelkedik to top the sea
a közmegbecsülés igen magas fokára emelkedik to rise high in public esteem

Searching the extension dictionary:

12 different matching expressions found:

emelkedik to increase
felemelkedik lift off
to arise, arose, arisen
(fel)emelkedik rise , rose , risen 2.
emelkedik/javul be on the upgrade
szólásra emelkedik rise to speak
magas rangra emelkedik rise to eminence
kiemelkedik, jeleskedik excel
a maga erejéből emelkedik fel lift oneself by one's bootstraps
raise oneself by one's bootstraps
a helyzet magaslatára emelkedik rise to the emergency
rise to the occasion

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