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81 different matching expressions found:

ér brook
to hit
to hit, hit
ér- vascular
ér vmit to be worth sg
ér vkit to betide
ér vhova to arrive at sg
to attain to sg
to come to sg
to get to sg
to hit sg
to reach
véget ér to come to an end
to determine
to draw to a close
to end
to fold up
to set, set
to surcease
to terminate
to wind up
térdig ér to be knee-deep
to be knee-high
ennyit ér to be worth so much
tetten ér to catch out
to catch red-handed
partot ér to land
to touch land
ér vmihez to touch
földet ér to touch down
keveset ér to be little worth
to be worth little
feneket ér to bottom
to strike the bottom
to touch bottom
ér vmeddig to extend as far as
to reach to sg
to stretch as far as
ér (kábelé) heart
ér vmennyit to be worth sg
ér vkit vmi to befall, befell, befallen
kikötőbe ér to fetch
nem sokat ér it's not up to much
not much of a sg
to be not up to much
to be not worth much
sikert ér el to succeed
to succeed in doing sg
semmit sem ér good for nothing
to be nothing worth
to be worth nothing
nem ér semmit it has no guts in it
jó árat ér el to make a price
beszűrődött ér infiltration vein
tetten ér vkit to catch sy in the act
to catch sy on the hop
to surprise sy in the act
nem ér rá vmire have no time for sg
fabatkát sem ér it isn't worth a bean
not worth a button
tetőpontjára ér to come to a head
to gather to a head
találatot ér el to nick
to score a hit
egy vasat sem ér it's not worth a hange scrap
kutyagumit se ér not to be worth a fillip
semennyit sem ér to be nothing worth
to be worth nothing
döntetlent ér el to draw, drew, drawn
ennyi aranyat ér to pan out at so much
mélypontot ér el to touch bottom
nem ér fel vmihez to come short of sg
jó eredményt ér el to make a good score
egy fabatkát sem ér it's not worth a hange scrap
mindennél többet ér there is nothing like sg
nem ér egy vasat sem it isn't worth a bean

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19 different matching expressions found:

égig ér reach up to the skies
(vér)ér vascular
tetten ér catch red-handed in the act
nem ér have no time
partot ér make land
touch land
földet ér touch down
keveset ér be little worth
be worth little
ér, forrás levee
feneket ér strike the bottom
nem sokat ér it counts for little
nem ér semmit not worth a straw
föld; földet ér land
mélypontot ér el touch bottom
tetőpont(já)ra ér come to a head
rajtakap/tetten ér catch in the act
vége van, véget ér over / be -
mindennél többet ér there is nothing like

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