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33 different matching expressions found:

hány to barf
to be sick
to cat
to dump
to dump one's load
to puke
to throw, threw, thrown
to vomit
hány? how many?
fejet hány to ear
magára hány to throw on
kalászt hány to ear
szemére hány to object sg to sy
szikrát hány to spark
to sputter
hány óra van? how goes the enemy?
how goes the time?
what is the time?
what time is it?
bukfencet hány to turn a complete somersault
hány éves vagy? how old are you?
vasvillával hány to fork
halomba hány vmit to huddle sg up
to huddle together sg
cigánykereket hány to do cartwheels
to turn cartwheels
to turn pin-wheels
fittyet hány vmire to thumb his nose at sg
szikrákat hány a szeme to see stars
fittyet hány a fenyegetésnek to despise a threat
fittyet hány az illendőségnek to fling her cap over the windmills
to throw her cap over the windmills

Searching the extension dictionary:

18 different matching expressions found:

hány be sick
hány óra? how goes the enemy?
how goes the time?
hány éves how old
how old are you
hány/okád puke
hány, okád vomit
hány órakor? at what time?
fittyet hány snap one's fingers
thumb his nose at
kardélre hány put to the sword
hány óra van? time / what - is it?
(ki)hány, okád throw up
falra borsót hány flog a dead horse
cigánykereket hány turn pin-wheel
mennyi? hány darab? how many?
szikrát hány a szeme see stars
okad, hany, tengeribetegsege van to gag

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