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80 different matching expressions found:

fél half
to apprehend
to be frightened
to be in a fright
to dread
to fear
to feel frightened
to funk
fel up
felé around
féle description
fél- semi-
felül above
to get on
to mount
to sit up
to upend
felár additional charge
félre aside
wide open
felhő cloud
félfa log
felső overhead
félév semester
félig semi-
felad to abandon
to abdicate
to cede
to chuck up
to despatch
to dispatch
to drop
to give up
to place
to post
to register
to relinquish
to renounce
to surrender
to throw up
to yield
felel to answer
to rejoin
to respond
to return
to sponsor
felez to bisect
to split, split
felás to dig, dug
to grub
to trench
felél to eat up
felér to equal
to match
felnő to grow up
to shoot up
felró to impute
to notch down
to notch up
to score
to tally
felír to note down
to score up
felüt to pitch
to sky
félsz willies
felett above

Searching the extension dictionary:

20 different matching expressions found:

fél to be afraid of
félő afraid
fele moiety
felé onto
-felé -wards
felől about
from the direction of
félre apart
felad betray
felez bisect
go halves
felás dig up
felár extra charge
felnő grow up
felró hold against
felül in addition to
sit up
felel recite

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