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Ugrás a tartalomhoz

26 different matching expressions found:

lovagol to hack
to horse
to prick
to ride a horse
to ride, rode, ridden
belovagol to break, broke, broken
to ride in
kilovagol to go for a ride
to ride out
ellovagol to ride away
to ride off
arra lovagol to ride by
visszalovagol to ride back
vadul lovagol to ride for a fall
hullámlovagol to surf
gyorsan lovagol to bucket
to ride hard
átlovagol vkihez to ride over
versenyben lovagol to jockey
ellovagol mellette to ride by
semmiségeken lovagol to be a stickler for sg
to strain at gnats
könnyű vágtában lovagol to canter
váltott lovakkal lovagol to ride post
folyton ugyanazon lovagol to harp on sg
térdén lovagoltat gyereket to ride a child on one's knees

Searching the extension dictionary:

7 different matching expressions found:

lovagol cross a horse
ride , rode , ridden
lovagolt rode
lovagolni to ride a horse
semmiségeken lovagol be a stickler for
strain at a gnat

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