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28 different matching expressions found:

levet have off
to cast off
to cast, cast
to fling, flung
to precipitate
to put off
to slip
to take off
to throw, threw, thrown
levetés getting off
levetkőzik to peel
to strip
to strip off
to take off one's clothes
to undress
levetkőztet to denude
to strip
to undress
leveti magát to lop down
leveti a bőrét to cast its skin
to throw its skin
levett kalappal hat in hand
megissza a levét to hold the sack
leveti a kabátját to peel off one's coat
levet (ruhadarabot) to doff
beleveti magát vmibe to blaze away at sg
to fling oneself into sg
to give oneself up to sg

Searching the extension dictionary:

18 different matching expressions found:

levet disrobe
levetni to take off
levetett cast-off
levetkőzik get undressed
take off one's clothes
take off one's things
levetkőzés strip
levetközik undress / get -ed
levetett ruhák cast clothing
left-off clothing
beleveti magát throw oneself into
leveti az álarcot throw off disguise
műholdas jel-levétel downlink
levesz/levet take off
az ügyet levették a napirendről the matter was dropped

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